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Our Approach

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Each phase can be implemented on a variety of levels. In some projects we might spend weeks or months on each; in others we might go through a phase of work in a few days. For example, clearly defining the target audience is quite important, whether arrived at after multiple conversations and interviews with a variety of stakeholders or accomplished in a single conversation with a single person.

While the latter is more superficial, sometimes it's all that's needed - or all that's possible under the constraints of time or budget. In the final analysis, we pride ourselves on being goal-oriented and practical, so whether we spend an hour, a day or a month, the important thing to focus on is the methodology; the thought process and the result.

In an ideal world, each phase of work follows its predecessor in a logical order of succession from concept inception to project completion. If only the real world was so neat and tidy. The fact is, compromises get made every day. And that's not necessarily a bad thing. No one has an unlimited budget or schedule. The trick is to make the right choices - and we help you figure out what those should be. And by finding that right balance between time, cost, functionality and deliverables - we deliver quality and value.