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a strategic mind-set, a consultative approach, and straightforward communications

Our Approach

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Over time technologies change, offering new, exciting tactics and techniques. But people and companies don't. Their needs and goals stay fundamentally the same, even as the ways they seek to accomplish them evolve. Long before the Internet became a popular mass medium, the principals of Mattlin Mandell were creating interactive experiences for clients such as AT&T, IBM, Intel, The National Geographic Society and Sony. Those years of experience working with interactive design and technology, of meeting brand, marketing and communications imperatives, have resulted in a depth of insight into how to best use innovative technology to satisfy fundamental needs in creative, useful, and effective ways.

Throughout, we've learned the importance of bringing a strategic mindset, a consultative approach, and straightforward communications to our client relationships. Easy to say, not so easy to do; it takes a lot of good, hard thinking. But it's worth it. The payoff - the value - is always there.