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Brian Lee

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Our History

Prior to forming their own company Lee Mandell and Brian Mattlin crossed paths a number of times in the late 1980s in the relatively small community of New York interactive developers, and finally worked together on several projects in the 90’s. In the fall of 1997, when Toronto-based agency ICE asked Brian to join them to create and direct an Interactive Services Group in their nascent New York office, Lee was the first person Brian recruited to help lead the team. Over the next five years the pair worked together, producing distinctive interactive work for clients such as Clairol, HP, IBM, Sony Consumer Electronics and many other exciting accounts. In early 2000 they joined a new company – Viaduct – backed by The Wolf Group. Viaduct provided interactive and marketing services to both agency and non-agency clients. Building a new team at the new shop, they continued to work with certain long-standing clients such as Sony, while developing new accounts such as Intria-HP, and working closely with the agency on accounts such as The Bay, Häagen-Dazs, and the Gartner/G2.

In the summer of 2002 Lee and Brian decided to start their own firm, Mattlin Mandell. During the next six years, Lee and Brian built Mattlin Mandell into an innovative and successful interactive media marketing agency working with many of their existing account relationships. Additionally they found new success in the travel and tourism industry building websites and creating online campaigns for bmi, Visit London, Visit Wales and landing an Agency of Record relationship with Visit Britain.

Towards the end of 2008, Brian ended his day-to-day involvement in the company. Under Lee’s leadership the company has built on its previous successes and moved into the emerging realm of social media providing strategy, production and analytics. Mattlin Mandell’s philosophy of growing an active, engaged community – as opposed to concentrating on building mere numbers – has proven a successful model for their clients. Recently Mattlin Mandell has developed an in-house analytics tool, Accountable Media. The service, built around a client branded url shortener and click-tracker, is able to accurately track the number of user clicks in real-time – a valuable asset for businesses and brands building their social network channels.

Today, Mattlin Mandell remains committed to providing clients with thoughtful, useful, well-designed interactive experiences that meet the marketing, communications and business needs of their owners and the informational and functional needs of their clients and visitors.