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a strategic mind-set, a consultative approach, and straightforward communications

Our Approach

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Sometimes it's concrete. Like our clients whose site architectures and designs continue to serve their needs for years, as their sites grow with their businesses. Sometimes it's more abstract: an absence of conflict, of costly errors and delays, of "oh we didn't know you wanted it to do that..." Delivering value isn't cheap (cheap things are rarely valuable) - but when you get fair value, the price is always right. Because value is the sometimes intangible but always real relationship between what you give, and what you get in return. It's different in every situation, but most people know when they've received good value - or haven't. We deliver good value.

We're helped in this by our work process, which we summarize as: we don't try to design something that hasn't been defined, and we don't try to build something that hasn't been designed. It may sound simple and straightforward, but you'd be surprised how often the cart ends up before the horse. Put a little more formally, we use a four phase work process: Define, Design, Build and Deploy. This approach allows us to take the full measure of a project and stay focused, yet flexible within defined parameters, as we develop it through to completion.