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Brian J. Mattlin

Brian started out as an animator at New York's Dolphin Productions, providing then state-of-the-art computer animation to major ad agencies for national campaigns, and to TV stations for ID packages and network show openers. With technological advances making broadcast quality equipment less expensive and more portable, Brian next spent several years editing video for the exploding corporate and Cable TV market. Equally at ease with the creative and the technological, he was soon creating complex, multi-source multi-screen installations, including a permanent installation at the headquarters of the National Geographic Society in Washington D.C.

This was the start of his working relationship with ETI, a New York company that was breaking new ground on the use of interactive media in permanent installations for museums and corporations. Starting with an interactive kiosk for the Mariner's Museum in Virginia, other interactive projects included an interactive game show-styled demo for Intel of an early digital video format, and a 72 seat interactive theater experience for the National Geographic Society. Throughout much of the 90's Brian designed and produced interactive, multi-screen and/or linear programs for clients such as Apple, AT&T, Computer Associates, DEC, IBM, Lotus, MCI, Pepsi, Smith Kline Beecham, The Smithsonian (consultant), Sony, Toys R Us and Xerox.